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A herd of blesbok from a distance

Any animal might be seen individually, but many African animals are typically herd animals. And with some antelope species (e.g., blesbok, eland, oryx, roan, sable, wildebeest), both males and females have horns that are very similar. Lacking horns, zebras are especially difficult to determine their sex. One of the biggest challenges is thus making sure you and your PH are focused on the same animal. There are multiple ways to accomplish this: Count from left to right or right to left, or work from natural landmarks such as trees. Discuss this with your PH, and find out how he or she prefers to do this. Every PH has stories about hunters who shoot the wrong animal, and most experienced African hunters have done this once. Usually once is enough to understand that you must be certain, and if you aren’t certain, don’t shoot.

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