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Anticipation is part of the fun of any safari, but smart preparation will make any safari more successful.

For further study:

  • African literature. These works are unusually rich, and many of the great old classics are still in print. Just be aware that Africa is the land of change. Conditions written about a century ago bear little resemblance to the Africa of today. While game and habitat have not changed, anything written specifically about hunting laws, game availability, or political situations in Africa may become very quickly outdated.
  • Films and videos. While it’s wise to be wary of any unnecessarily sensationalized media, the rich body of films, television shows, and videos (both amateur and professional) offer a good way to become visually familiar with Africa’s wildlife and terrain. Just be aware that Africa is a very big place—much larger than North America—with a full range of habitat types. So, the Africa you see on film may or may not relate directly to the Africa you will see on your safari.
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