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Familiarity does not breed contempt!

  • Many hunters are compelled to acquire a new rifle or rifles for an upcoming African hunt. This may be necessary, but consider your trusty old favorites first. Most good old American deer and elk rifles are perfectly suitable for the majority of African plains game!
  • If a new rifle is to be used, be sure to acquire it far ahead of your trip. Plan enough range sessions so that you are completely familiar with it and certain of its absolute reliability well before you depart for your safari.

There are different types of rifle actions. The bolt action is by far the most common choice in today’s Africa. However, what is really important are the suitability of the cartridge and the hunter’s familiarity with the rifle. Chambered to adequate cartridges, lever actions, single shots, and slide actions can be perfectly suitable. Most African countries today do not allow the importation of semi-automatic rifles. If you wish to bring a semi-automatic, be sure to discuss this with your outfitter to ensure that it is legal.

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