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A close-up of a low-range variable scope

In today’s Africa, the telescopic sight is almost universal for plains game hunting. In some circumstances a case can be made for iron sights or red-dot sights for use on dangerous game. But for plains game the telescopic sight is absolutely superior because it allows the hunter to see better (especially in low light) and to place his or her shots better.

While long-range shooting is extremely popular in America today, this trend has not reached Africa. African trackers and professional hunters (PHs) go to great pains to get their hunters as close as possible. This is appropriate and important because most PHs have seen a great deal of terrible shooting, and because of terrain and brush, perfectly steady rests are often unavailable. Also, from a purely practical standpoint, African rules are different: A drop of blood means the license is filled and the trophy fee is payable. This means that the extra-large variable scopes increasingly popular in America are not needed in Africa and may be counterproductive.

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