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Two hunters still hunting

While you are always looking for animals both near and far, some species are often hunted by still-hunting—moving slowly through thicker areas where encounters are likely. Cover-loving antelopes like kudu and bushbuck are often hunted in this manner.

Two difficult skills are important: being aware and walking quietly. It’s important to pay attention all the time. Because of familiarity with animals and vegetation, the trackers and PH are more likely to spot game first. But since encounters are usually close under such circumstances, it’s important to concentrate on paying attention. Walking quietly is essential. Avoid rapid movements, and be aware of where you place your feet, avoiding sticks and twigs. Many typical hunting boots have soles too hard (and noisy) for this type of hunting; crepe and softer rubber soles are noticeably quieter than hard soles.

While shooting sticks are preferred by most PHs under most circumstances, much movement is required to set up sticks. So, in close encounters in thick cover, unsupported offhand shooting is often the best course. This is a last resort; any rest is better than none. However, since shooting offhand is the most difficult and may be required, you should practice it regularly as you prepare for your safari.

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